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My Story

I grew up with a faith based on how my parents raised me. I always knew that faith and Christianity was intended to be founded on a relationship with Christ and that prayer was our way of communicating with God and not just asking favors of Him. However, I often struggled with depression from loneliness and often resulted in trying to people-please in order to make friendships. It wasn’t until College that I truly made Jesus Lord of my life, living every day as an example of Christ. As a student, God used the International Student Ministry to develop a home of believers at TU that challenged me and loved me as I was. During ISM my heart for the nations grew and has given me a passion for overseas missions.

"Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone."

- Jesus, Mark 16:15


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Missions Blog




Praying for people lying on the ground (awaken the dawn 2017)

The first of many testimonial vlogs! Hear me share about the four different people God had me pray for while they were lying on the ground at Awaken the Dawn 2017 in Washington DC.



Giving prayer & mcdonalds  (driving to awaken the dawn 2017)

The second video of my coming series of Vlog Testimonies! Another story that relates to Awaken the Dawn, only this was on our way driving to DC. God opened up a door for me to be His hands and feet and I'm so glad I was obedient to say "Yes Lord!"





Season of Transition

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from ICO to MAPS Global


Missions And Prayer School (MAPSGlobal is a missions organization focused on mobilizing, training, and sending singing missionaries to plant and build bases for prayer, worship, outreach, and training in strategic cities across the 10-40 window.

how long is it?
The school is 9 months. Aug-Dec is focused on training, in Jan teams are put together & sent for 9 weeks during Feb-April. Upon return teams will be prepped and sent for long term (min. 2 years). 

where is it?
MAPS has three official school locations in Virginia, Florida and Kansas City. This fall I will be attending the KC location. In the spring we are sent to the 10/40 window with the anticipation of going overseas long-term somewhere in the Middle East.


My passion is to share the love and hope of Christ where the Gospel is not known, because the fact remains: 
There are still many who will not know if we do not go.


You can learn more about MAPS Global at! I am raising support in order to attend MAPS and continue on staff as a long-term missionary in the Middle East. If you're interested in supporting me financially please email/contact me and I would be happy to meet with you and share more about how God has called me to MAPS and what I anticipate for this upcoming season!

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